Attipas #AN05 - Natural Herb - Pink

Attipas #AN05 - Natural Herb - Pink
Ultra-flexible + roomy toe-box = perfect shoe!
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Not only are ATTIPAS shoes a healthy, appealing option for your toddler’s feet, but they make perfect gifts! Every pair comes carefully packaged in an unusual, attractive gift box.

ATTIPAS shoes were launched in 2011 after 7 years of research & development with the ‘Motor Development Centre’ at Seoul University and have been developed on the basis of biomechanical knowledge. ATTIPAS shoes reflect the characteristics of barefoot walking and adopt features that mimic the experience of walking barefoot for babies and infants. No hazardous materials are used in production and ATTIPAS shoes have passed all safety tests both in Seoul (KCL) and in Germany (TUV).
• Helps brain development by being able to better feel the sole and toe movement
• Corrects toddlers’ walking by equally distributing foot pressure
• Feels like wearing socks
• Recommended for both indoor & outdoor activity

Babies have a habit of sucking on anything and everything that comes through their hands. 
• With this in mind, ATTIPAS outsoles are made of 100% NON-TOXIC RUBBER (TPR).
• The socks (upper part) are 80% Cotton, 17% Spandex, 2% Rubber Yarn and 1% Polyurethane Yarn.
• ATTIPAS doesn’t use any hazardous materials or adhesives, with no use of formaldehyde.

ATTIPAS shoes are machine washable on a gentle program and using a laundry net, although hand washing is recommended. Allow to dry naturally. Do not use strong detergent or bleach.

The Natural Herb range are dyed with natural colourings. The Natural Pink model is dyed with Brazil wood and Natural Blue is dyed with the Indigo plant. These plants are especially known as effective options for anyone with skin trouble or sensitive skin. Natural Herb Gray is dyed with Gall Nuts. This is broadly used as natural hair dye agent without affecting the skin. It has been used from the olden days to control blood pressure and ulcers.

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