Bobux Step-Up #721002

Bobux Step-Up #721002<br><span style='color: rgb(230, 0, 0);'>SIZES EU18-EU19</span>
Bobux SU Tiny Trekker Sandal - Navy. The Classic Leather Toddler Sandal
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The Bobux Step Up range reflects the unique shape and movement of a first walkers foot. The extremely flexible, light-weight, slip-resistant sole provides durability and protection, whilst the 100% natural materials allow the foot full breathability in all seasons.

Anatomical shape:
- Reflects foot shape of first walker
- Accommodates rounder foot
- Allows unrestricted growth

Easy Fit & Adjustability:
- Premium fasteners
- Easy to put on and take off
- Shaped to stay on without restriction

Natural Flexibility:
- Flexible, breathable leather upper
- Light-weight sole
- Allows full range of movement
- Unrestricted development

Durability & Grip:
- Flexible, full rubber sole
- Provides protection & stability without restriction
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