Bobux Xplorer Origin #500001

Bobux Xplorer Origin #500001<br><span style='color: rgb(230, 0, 0);'>SIZE EU18</span>
Bobux Xplorer Origin Super Soft Leather Slip-On Shoe For Toddlers and Cruisers in Black and Yellow
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EU Size 18 - £10.00

The XPLORER ORIGINS range from Bobux is innovative, stylish and edgy. Public feedback on this product, launched globally in Feb 2015, has been fantastic – you will find dozens of very positive reviews on various forums.

People love the style – it’s totally different to anything else on the market, and nearly everyone mentions the uber-funky soles. They also love the extremely light weight of the shoes, and the fact that they are equally suited to both indoor and outdoor use (most baby shoes are really only for one or the other).

The Xplorer Origins range features leather uppers with a hi-tech EVA sole, making them so flexible you can fold them in half between thumb and finger, and an abrasion-resistant toecap – invaluable for when little people switch between cruising and crawling, as they do. Added to this is the way Bobux have designed the shoe so that all interior seams are concealed – so no little red lines on feet, even after hours of wear – and the elasticated ankle system, which helps get the shoes on and then makes them stay on, is further enhanced by a little Velcro strap, ensuring a perfect fit.

The range was designed exclusively for Bobux by Sean Maisano, who has designed for Adidas and Prada in the past, and incorporates all the key elements of Sean’s designs – clean lines, eye-catching details and a user-centred approach.

The XPLORER ORIGINS range is available in sizes EU18 - EU22 (equivalent to UK sizes 2 - 5).
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