Froddo Kids Classic Leather Sandal Green G2150167-4
SIZE EU29 & EU30

Froddo Kids Classic Leather Sandal Green G2150167-4<br><span style='color: rgb(230, 0, 0);'>SIZE EU29 & EU30</span>
Froddo Classic Leather Sandal - Green (not barefoot)
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EU Size 29 - £29.99

Although not part of the "Froddo Barefoot" range, the Paix summer sandal has a flexible sole, zero drop, and a reasonable toe-box, resulting in a sandal which compares favourably with other brands in the barefoot-friendly market. The anatomically shaped insole can be removed to further improve the barefoot credentials of this shoe. The upper is made of high quality, buttery-soft leather and Froddo's attention to detail and quality has resulted in an excellent all-round use summer sandal.

Upper: Chrome free leather
Lining: Chrome free leather
Insole: Removable antibacterial chrome free leather insole
Flexible to allow growth and development
Suitable for medium to wide feet
Two adjustable Velcro fastenings

Chrome Free Leather Lining

Chrome-Free Leather Lining
Chrome Free Leather Insole

Chrome-Free Leather Insole
Froddo Unique Fit
Froddo Unique Fit - extra removable insole to accommodate different widths. Easily remove the extra insole and make more space

Sustainable product and production methods

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