Froddo Pre-Walker Ballerina Shoes Navy G1140001-5
SIZE EU23 & EU24

Froddo Pre-Walker Ballerina Shoes Navy G1140001-5<br><span style='color: rgb(230, 0, 0);'>SIZE EU23 & EU24</span>
Froddo Pre-Walker Ballerina - Navy
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EU Size 23 - £19.95
EU Size 24 - £19.95

Froddo Prewalkers, as light as a cloud, imitate barefoot walking, and allow for the natural and healthy development of children’s feet.

Soft chrome-free leather Froddo pre-walker, featuring:
  • Soft, natural chrome-free leather 
  • All-safe vegetable dyes (certified)
  • Soft, flexible rubber soles are non-slip - perfect for indoor and light outdoor use
  • Velcro fastening to ensure they stay on little feet
The leather used in these little shoes is acquired from the reputable German supplier - Ecopell. Ecopell can be seen as one of the most environmental and skin-friendly leathers on the market.

Packaging: supplied in a recyclable box made from recycled cardboard. The little box is also designed to be used as a keepsake box, with a space provided for writing a name.

Chrome free leather insole

Chrome free leather lining

Sustainable product & production methods