Bobux i-Walk #Z628604

Bobux i-Walk #Z628604<span style='color: rgb(230, 0, 0);'><br>CLEARANCE<br>SIZE EU20</span>
Bobux i-Walk Echo Dress Shoe - Black Leather Boys Shoes by Bobux
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EU Size 20 - £16.00

The ideal First Walking shoe. A classic range with a modern twist, these high quality shoes tick all the boxes mothers require when selecting baby’s first walking shoe.
• Premium Eco-Leather® - Bobux use the same Eco-Leather® throughout their shoe ranges so you can be sure that the leather in your baby’s shoe conforms to the highest safety standards. i-Walk's 100% Leather uppers and 100% Leather linings allow for maximum breathability of a child’s foot all season long.
• Fully-flexible rubber soles - The bones in a baby’s foot are still very soft at this young age. Consequently, it is vital that their feet are neither constricted or prevented from moving in their natural rocking motion. I-Walk® shoes, with their fully flexible rubber soles, allow for maximum movement and comfort.
• Cushioned Insoles - To ensure baby’s comfort when wearing their first shoe, Bobux i-Walk uses cushioned in-soles. This adds support to the foot and cushions their feet as they walk.
• Classic styling

Choose I-Walk® and give your baby’s feet the best start!