Moonbag - Yellow

Moonbag - Yellow
Moonbag in yellow. Perfect for beach & pool
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We all know the problems trying to get children changed on the beach, in the beach car park, at swimming pools, at campsites, at school etc...the Moonbag has been designed to solve this problem.

When opened (to a generous 100cm x 100cm) the Moonbag becomes a mat and is laid down on the ground for your child to stand on whist they get changed.

on the beach - a lot less sand in places where you never really wanted any...
in the changing rooms at the sports centre - no more standing in someone else's pool water...
in the car park - no more gravel between the toes...

Once changed, leave all the wet stuff on the mat, pull the drawstrings, et voilà - your mat becomes a waterproof duffle bag.

As ideas go, this one is blindingly simple, and simply blinding. Of course, the Moonbag can be used all year round and is a robust, multi-functional bag.
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