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BREXIT - Potential Implications for Customers Outside the UK

22nd June 2021 - we are temporarily suspending shipments to EU countries due to the length of time some countries retain parcels in Customs, and the ridiculous admin fees charged by local delivery companies when they collect the VAT now payable. We will resume deliveries to EU countries once a solution has been implemented.

This notice is intended for the particular attention of our customers in the EU.

The Brexit agreement between the UK and the EU has resulted in tariff-free trade between the two. This means that goods bought from the UK are not normally subject to import duty. However, because the UK is no longer in the EU, one particular impact which may be felt by our EU customers is that any purchases they make from UK businesses may now be subject to the local VAT rules for the country where the customer is located. 

VAT is different in each country - there are different rates and the list of goods which are subject to VAT varies too. For this reason (and because we are not tax experts) it is impossible for us to advise customers about VAT rates in their country and about whether or not it may be applicable to anything purchased from our store. 

We would urge all EU customers to make enquiries with their own tax authorities in advance of placing an order with us. We love supplying customers all over the world, but especially in the EU, and would not want them to face unexpected tax bills (and no doubt extra administration charges from the tax authorities).


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