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Froddo barefoot shoes factoryIvančica, the maker of Froddo shoes, is one of the largest barefoot footwear manufacturers in Europe. Based in Croatia, the company is a significant employer in the area, employing over 600 people in the town of Ivanec where they have been designing and manufacturing shoes for over 77 years.

The company is owned by a small number of shareholders and has a strong sense of responsibility, working to support the local community and focussing on protecting the environment. All materials are sourced from trusted EU suppliers and recycled materials are used for packaging. Only water based adhesives are used and there are no harmful substances and compounds such as Chromium (VI) in production.

Each item of footwear goes through four production stages and can have up to as many as sixty fashioned parts. To manufacture each shoe requires 40 – 50 separate hand worked processes and the factory has the capacity to produce up to 5,000 pairs per day.

Froddo is an award-winning children’s footwear company with both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Certification.

77 years of experience 600+ employees Commitment to quality Controlled production in the EU Natural certified materials from EU Safe products Sustainable production

Froddo's barefoot range was introduced only a handful of years ago, but has grown rapidly to become one of the most significant brands in the barefoot shoe marketplace. The company follows a policy of continual improvement and innovation, with the result that each new season sees improvements in design and an ever-expanding range of colours and styles.

Froddo responds positively to feedback from customers and retailers alike - for instance, 2022 saw the introduction of a new, grippier sole unit, making Froddo boots and shoes perfect for wet, slippy conditions, and in 2023 a new sandal range was introduced with Vibram SuperNewflex soles, ultra-thin and ultra-flexible. Autumn 2023 sees the expansion of the Froddo Barefoot school shoe range, with Chelsea boots included for the first time and several new white barefoot trainers. The Froddo Barefoot boot collection which has just been delivered (July 2023) includes a few sparkly finishes in addition to Froddo's traditional range of vibrant colours, and an innovative textile and suede boot with an elastic lace system to ensure a perfect fit.

It's the attention to detail which sets Froddo apart from much of its competition. Quality is at the heart of everything they do. Materials are 100% sourced from within the EU and all from top quality, regulated suppliers. Every part of a Froddo boot, shoe or sandal is traceable back to its origins. Packaging is all recyclable and reusable, as you would expect, and this attitude feeds down the chain. We have an arrangement with another local business which ensures that 100% of the big Froddo cartons in which our stock is delivered is re-used at least once and is then recycled. All of our own packaging in which your order is delivered is recyclable. The exceptional quality of Froddo footwear is not only good for customers and retailers alike, but fewer returns means fewer unnecessary journeys.

See for yourself what makes Froddo shoes so special:

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