Froddo Kids Barefoot Lace Up Boot Olive G3110226-4

Froddo Kids Barefoot Lace Up Boot Olive G3110226-4<br><span style='color: rgb(230, 0, 0);'>SIZE EU26-EU30</span>
Froddo Barefoot Leather Lace-Up Boots - Olive
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Wide-fitting, breathable and comfortable leather boots with zero-drop sole
New extra flexible range from Froddo that mimic being barefoot
Wider toebox ensures foot stability while walking and encourages the natural and healthy development of children's feet
Leather upper
Breathable chrome-free leather lining
Flat removable antibacterial chrome-free leather insole
Water repellent
Extremely flexible to allow growth and development
Soft, buttery leather
Suitable for all widths due to the double velcro fastening

Removable antibacterial microfibre insole

Chrome-free leather lining

Water repellent

Extra grip outsole

Sustainable product & production methods