**PLUS12 Foot & Shoe Measuring Tool

**PLUS12 Foot & Shoe Measuring Tool
To make sure kids' shoes fit!
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The Plus12 is the first precise measuring device for both shoes and feet - independent of brand and shoe size. Just one Plus12 measuring device is enough for the whole family - it will measure from UK Infant size 2 up to UK Adult size 12. It comes neatly boxed, so you can easily pop it in your handbag. Here at Ollipops we are delighted to be the exclusive UK retailer of this excellent device.

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In 2001 Austrian sports scientist Dr. Wieland Kinz and his research team were commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Health to conduct a study on the subject: "Children's Feet-Children's Shoes". The questions were formulated as follows:
Do Austrian children's shoes fit properly?
Do poorly-fitting shoes cause damage to children's feet?

What was investigated?
The fit of the outdoor shoes, house shoes and slippers of 858 children.
The health of the children' s feet.
Parents were given a questionnaire about "Children's feet - Children's shoes".

The Results
69% of the children were found to be wearing outdoor shoes that were too short in length, 88% had house shoes or slippers which were too small (one child was wearing shoes 5 sizes too small!).
Only 3% of the children's shoes had the correct inner length. For example: in shoes marked size 30, the inner length was just 29, 28, 27, sometimes even only size 26.
For the first time it could be proven that poorly fitting shoes actually cause damage to children's feet.

Why Plus12?
Dr. Kinz and his team developed the Plus12 - the first precise measuring gauge for children's feet and the inside length of children's shoes. When measuring children's feet, the Plus12 automatically adds an extra 12mm, automatically ensuring the necessary length for a correct fit.

While developing the Plus12, they analysed data on hundreds of children's feet. They observed that children's big toes are usually at least 12mm high. For this reason, they made the red measuring tip of the Plus12 the same height, which makes it possible to recognise immediately if the toe of a shoe is too low. If the tip of the Plus12 won't fit all the way into the shoe, then the toe cap is too low and no good for children's feet.

Poorly-fitting shoes are the main reason for foot damage!

To fit properly, shoes have to be at least 12 mm longer inside than the actual foot. New shoes can have additional "room to grow" of up to 17 mm. Walking barefoot is best for kids' feet, because it trains and strengthens the foot's muscular system. A good, strong muscular foot is the best foundation for healthy, resilient children's feet.

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