Froddo G2110057

Froddo G2110057
Froddo Waterproof Leather Boots - Navy
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Waterproof boot
Leather upper
Breathable lining
Flexible rubber sole
100% recyclable

Froddo Tex Waterproof

FroddoTex™ leather is 100% waterproof, breathable and recyclable

The size of children's feet is difficult to measure, so part of Froddo’s collection has ‘smile’ antibacterial insoles. The printed ‘smile’ on the insole shows the ideal place for the big or longest toe. The insole can be simply removed from the shoes and placed on the floor. When a child stands on the insole you can see straight away if the size is correct. The insoles are made of recycled antistatic materials and are highly absorbent preventing the development of bacteria and reducing sweat. Very light and stable they are anatomically shaped with an anti-shock effect.

Breathable, textile lining

Pediped Canyon - Charcoal/Pink
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Bobux #4400
** MULTIBUY PRICE FROM £16 / €19 **
View Atoll/White Trim Moccasin
Bobux Originals - the original soft leather baby shoe
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Froddo G2130122
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