Kidz Banz - Lily Pink

Kidz Banz - Lily Pink
100% UV protection Kidz Banz sunglasses for 2-5 years
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100% UV protection Kidz Banz sunglasses with a unique patented adjustable band which holds the glasses in place.

Designed in Australia.

For ages 2-5 years.

  • The design of the polycarbonate frames on Kidz Banz sunglasses allows for a close fit to the baby's face with minimal or no UV leakage from the sides.
  • The patented strap ensures that the Kidz Banz fit comfortably and securely.
  • Kidz Banz have no breakable hinges or arms.
  • The Australian Cancer Council sells Kidz Banz and recommends that infants' eyes be protected from the sun's harmful UV rays.
  • Kidzbanz are fully compliant with EC and Australian standards.

Kidz Banz Sunglass Dimensions
Frame left to right:
11.5 cm
Frame top to bottom:
3.5 cm
Minimum head circumference:
48 cm
Maximum head circumference:
55 cm


Why does my child need to wear Sunglasses?
Kidz Banz are a necessity to cover infant and toddler eyes from the harmful rays of UV (ultra violet) light. Until approx 8-9 yrs old a child has no filters in the eye to block out UV light. You can actually do MORE harm to the eye if you put an inferior lens in front of the eye! Behind tinted lenses, the iris opens to allow more light into the eye; if the lens doesn’t protect properly, and more UV light gets into the eye potentially damaging the child’s eye.

What is the UV protection of Baby Banz and Kidz Banz?
The lenses are a UV400 lens. These lenses block out the entire spectrum of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays from the sun. UVA rays are thought to be more harmful to the skin – they cause sunburn and get below the outer layer of skin. UVB rays are the rays thought to be the worst on the eye and causing damage to the retina and lens with overexposure and under-protection. UVC rays are extremely dangerous but do not reach the earth's surface due to absorption in the atmosphere.

What are the Sunglasses made from?
Kidz Banz frames and lenses made from polycarbonate material. This material makes Kidz Banz virtually shatterproof and ensures that they stand up to wear and tear.

What are the straps made from?
Kidz Banz headbands are made from Neoprene. Neoprene is the same material used to make wetsuits; it is stretchy and easy to clean with warm soap and water. The material is very soft and comfortable on the little heads; it also keeps the glasses where they are supposed to be - OVER the child’s eyes. An added bonus is that it floats in water to avoid loss at the pool or beach.

Are Kidz Banz adjustable?
Kidz Banz headbands adjust and secure with a hook and loop closure system(Velcro®). This allows parents/children to loosen and tighten the glasses as they take them off and on and prolongs the use of the Banz as they "grow” with the child.

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