Tawny Owl with Babies

Tawny Owl with Babies
Tawny Owl with Babies Puppet, made by The Puppet Company. This puppet comes with 3 baby tawnies
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This delightful family group is a favourite for story-telling. Access into the wings of the parent Owl hand puppet to enable flight movement. With three baby Owl finger puppets.

Hint - put your hand into this puppet with your palm facing upwards (towards the owl's back). You will then be able to make her fly beautifully.

Height: 25cm

Plush toys and toys with small parts are not suitable for use by children under 12 months unsupervised, as they are liable to put things in their mouths. However, they can, of course, be used by an adult and are an invaluable resource for development of speech, communication and imaginative play.
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